360 Degree Feedback

             The 360 ​​degree performance evaluation system, which is an ideal system for both employees and managers, offers the opportunity to evaluate employees fairly. Companies that want to accurately evaluate the performance of their employees in the current period in which employee happiness and productive work are valuable require different performance evaluation systems.  

What is 360 Degree Performance Assessment?

            In traditional performance evaluation methods, the upper supervisor would check and give feedback. If you had a problem with your supervisor, you wouldn't have much to say as an employee. 360-degree performance evaluation is not only your supervisor's assessment of you, it is also an application that refers to the evaluations of many people, such as customers and suppliers. Thus, a more accurate and efficient assessment can be made. In traditional performance assessment your supervisor may act emotionally, have personal interests, or make non-objective assessments. However, such a situation is not possible in the 360 ​​degree performance evaluation system. For this reason, it is a performance evaluation method which is loved and applied by employees.

What are the Advantages of 360 Degree Performance Evaluation?

            360 degree performance evaluation method avoids operational costs and loss of time in your company. The 360-degree performance appraisal method provides real performance data on employee performance and the behavior of managers, employees and subordinates at the same level. It allows comparison of all actual data from different sources. Reporting; It was a great cost item before you do 360 degree performance evaluation online. But now you will have the possibility of easy reporting with this method. All these benefits allow you to increase the efficiency of your company and your employees in a positive and beneficial way.

360 Degree Performance Evaluation Form

            All employees in the company need to form a 360-degree evaluation form based on the employee's title, department, and even the assessment aspect, not a single form. In this way, an employee-specific and accurate performance evaluation form is created.

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