Create of Development Plan

    The competency sets created during the performance evaluation process are designed to both improve the performance of the employees regarding their work and prepare them for the future work. An effective solution can be obtained by comparing the competencies of the employees with the competencies required for the job and developing development plans regarding the missing aspects and the performance improvements of the employees can be completed in a short time.

    Development planning is an important criterion in terms of motivation of employees in performance evaluation system. Values ​​such as employee development and empowerment should be prioritized and necessary resources should be created. When all these processes are considered, everything should be planned and systematic and focused on the target until it is defined in the performance evaluation system in determining the methods of development plan.

    In the RunHR360 degree performance evaluation system, you can easily analyze all the steps according to the tools you specify and reach the result. With the reports you will receive according to the grading scale during the development of the development plan, you can determine the groups with precise lines and ensure that the correct development plan is applied to the right employees.

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