With the RunHR360, you can easily start the performance evaluation process in 4 simple steps.


Set an active period.


Create your form (s) by selecting your questions according to your goals.

Things evaluation

Add people to be evaluated in the form (s) you created.

Will evaluate

Identify the people who can evaluate.

90,180,270,360 and 450 Degrees Performance Evaluation

With RunHR360, Performance evaluation software, you can perform 90,180,270,360 and 450 degree performance measurements and start using the system according to different evaluation aspects.


Competency Questions

You can use your own competency questions in the RunHR 360 degree performance evaluation system, or you can use any of the competency questions prepared by us.


Personalized Forms

You can create a personalized evaluation form with department and title combinations, not with the same form. In addition, you can differentiate the questions to be asked according to directions.


Weight Determination According to Directions

After determining the competence set with RunHR360, weights can be determined according to evaluation direction, departmental basis, title basis and person basis and you can get the results accordingly.


Create of Development Plan

Once the performance evaluation process is complete, you can create an evaluation development plan for the development and improvement of employees' developmental aspects.



In the RunHR360 performance appraisal system, you don't have to be just on the computer to get all the information and reporting on the performance appraisal process.


Lower costs

You can quickly start using RunHR360 performance evaluation software at a low cost and minimize operational costs.


Advanced Reports

The RunHR360 degree performance evaluation system allows you to access many reports and easily access all the data you want.


Try actively all features of RunHR 360 with 5 gift credits.