Institutional Areas with 360 Degree Feedback

  • Firstly, in the leadership development process in the USA and the German Army,
  • In the development process of leadership in PepsiCo since 1980,
  • It is used in corporate restructuring works in different companies (eg production, trade and service sectors), in the development of training modules and in the preparation of success plans.
  • Other purposes using the 360 ​​degree feedback method:
    • In the development of staff
    • In performance evaluation
    • In success plans
    • In team development
    • In administrative actions
    • In organizational development
    • In leadership development processes

    The 360 ​​Degree Performance Evaluation system used in such important corporate areas is well ahead of other methods in terms of efficiency. For this reason, you should have no doubt that you will use this method for your company's or institution's benefit. Unlike traditional methods, the fact that not only the managers evaluate their employees, but also a system where their employees can evaluate their managers increases the efficiency and benefits we receive from this application.

    With the 360 ​​degree performance evaluation system, which has been widely used in our country, the company significantly reduces its operational costs and increases the quality of its employees and managers. That is why 360 degree performance evaluation system, whether it is a corporate company or an individual company, will benefit you in any case for your company.

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