360 Degree Feedback

Easily measure employee performance, reduce your operational costs and make your time more efficient.

All processes are online, safe and very easy!

RunHR in a viewpoint

You can create your company's 360 Degree Performance Assessment form in the easiest way and reduce the workload of human resources by running your process online.

Enterprise Memory

It combines all employee performance evaluation information with a single system to help create your company's corporate memory.

Lower costs

It minimizes your operational cost in all performance evaluation processes and also saves you time. Cloud technology helps to reduce your hardware, maintenance, backup and management costs.

Detailed Analysis

The reports obtained as a result of the 360-degree evaluations are analyzed in detail and the decision of the employee or the unit can be decided accurately.

No Installation Required

As it is a cloud-based software, there is no installation process, it is not affected by possible problems and accidents (virus entry, deletion of information, etc.) on your computer.

Full Control

You can manage the whole process in an active way, whether it is a company or a departmental perspective.


All users; Thanks to our cloud infrastructure and web-based software, it can access all devices from within and outside the company.

Why Online Evaluation?

It minimizes disruptions in the evaluation process and greatly reduces your operational costs. It saves you time and saves time when you make pre-evaluation.



Weights according to the directions that can be determined according to the wishes of your company. While performing performance evaluation; Determine weights differently according to company-wide, department-specific, employee titles, and personalized aspects. In this way, your manager, employee or even evaluate yourself becomes more objective with acceptable results.



Evaluate more accurately by using behavioral indicators that can be adjusted according to titles and departments, varying in different directions. Evaluating with customized forms in this way is more decisive when making decisions throughout the company and its employees.



Nowadays, 360 degree performance evaluation is made easy in digital environment with RunHR, which causes a lot of work load for most companies. Perform the evaluation process, which takes a large part of your time, in a shorter time, more reliably and more easily with all employees' online evaluation.



Eliminate the risk of errors with digital reporting. With our cloud-based system, you can access the report you want to reach anytime and anywhere and make deep analysis thanks to detailed reports. With this method, you can now see your previously confused and messy employee information in a clear and understandable way with a single click. This saves you both time and money.

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