My Info

You can edit your basic settings on the My Info screen and manage your emails.

My Information
You can view your basic settings from this section.With Update you can change your basic settings.
Name This is the field where you can specify your name.
Surname This is the field where you can specify your last name.
Language This is the field where you can specify your default language for the Federation.
Linkedin Account It is the section that allows you to log in to the Federation with your linkedin account.
With Connect button, you can choose to log in to your Linkedin account.
With Disconnect button, you can remove your linkedin account.
With Cancel button, you can cancel your changes.
With Save button you can save your changes.
My E-mail
E-Mail This is field where you can select new e-mail.
With Add button, you can add your selected email address.
Verification This is the field that specifies the status of the corresponding email.
Primary This is the field where you can determine which e-mail is your priority.
Verified is required to make an email the primary.
You can send verification email to your email addresses that are not validated with   .
You can delete your e-mail addresses related with   .
In order to delete the e-mail address, you must have at least 1 verified e-mail address other than the e-mail that you delete.

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