Personalized Forms

    The question sets that should be directed to the manager and the pir group should be different from each other in order for the performance evaluation process to work properly among the employees who will be included in the evaluation within the company. With the RunHR360, this process is much easier to manage than you might think, so you can set different behavior indicators (competency questions) in different ways.

    In the competence sets created regarding the performance evaluation process, the behavioral indicators that will be shown according to the employee, peer group and the first supervisor are different. Employees can exhibit the same behavior differently according to directions. Therefore, the competency question to be asked when evaluating the employee and the competency question to be directed to the colleague should differ from each other in order for the process to proceed properly.

    Thanks to the personalized forms, your performance evaluation measurements are based on an architecture that is much clearer, works in different dimensions and evaluated according to directions. With RunHR360 degree performance evaluation system, different behavior indicators, process management and the reportability of the information gathered are now much easier.

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