Weight Determination According to Directions

If you wish, the arithmetic average of all evaluations by taking the average of our system has 2 features. The first is to determine the weight according to the directions and to address the results in this direction. For example, if the manager's 50% and the employee's 50% are rated, you can achieve results by weighting in directions. The second is the average of all results without giving any weight according to the directions. In such a case, the scale given by the employee to him / herself is not included in the calculation.

In the case of employees evaluating themselves in the 360 ​​assessment system, the grades given by the employee can be reported in detail in the RunHR system, but the distribution of the ratings given by the employee is not included unless the weighted ratio is optional. In this way, the evaluation and reporting of the data obtained from the performance evaluation results is based on objective results.

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