What is 3D Performance Evaluation Management?

    In fact, a term that many of us know is 3D Performance Evaluation. Briefly, 3D Performance Evaluation means: Competency - Goal - Satisfaction Based is based on all performance evaluations. Companies can perform performance evaluation processes with these 3 different methods. This method is very effective in evaluating the performance of the employees, with no margin of error that they may encounter during the performance evaluation process. An employee is not at an adequate level in competence assessment, but has reached his goals as a target. Here 3D performance evaluation helps to clearly see all aspects. Here are the benefits and advantages of the 3D Performance Evaluation we mentioned:

  • Employees and managers can evaluate each other in every way,
  • Evaluation processes are completed online as soon as possible,
  • Employees are evaluated in all aspects,
  • Efficiency is constantly taken during the performance evaluation process,
  • Reduces workload with easy reporting feature.

    Adding an innovative perspective to today's evaluation conditions, 3D Performance Evaluation Management has an important place for companies. 3D Performance Evaluation allows the human resources department to work more actively and efficiently, and employees and managers are easily evaluated.

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